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Are Personal Statement And Statement Of Purpose The Same

Remember, the statement of purpose is more formal and academic, while the personal statement is less formal and more personal. As it can be difficult to grasp these unique requirements and to get started on the process, ApplyGround can help. We can assist you from the start of the process till the end and in several ways.

  • Your Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose are some of them. Most students are familiar with the Statement of Purpose or the SOP with most MS applicants to American grad-schools being asked to submit their SOPs at the time of applying. A Personal Statement is usually required by the Medical, Business and Law schools of most universities.

  • If you have to prepare both a personal statement and a statement of purpose, the great news is that the major part of the information is the same for both papers. Of course, you may submit the same piece for two assignments, however, we assure you that by shaping the paper according to the specific formatting and organization required by both tasks, you will be able to reach the.

  • A statement of purpose is usually more formal, focusing on your academic or professional goals. It shouldn’t include anything that isn’t directly relevant to the application. A personal statement can often be more creative. It might tell a story that isn’t directly related to the application, but that shows something about your personality, values,.

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